There are too many misunderstandings about disposable paper cups, and there are tips on how to choos


Disposable paper cups are no longer unfamiliar to us when the pace of life "accelerates" today. Paper cups, which can be seen almost everywhere in many public places, occupy a place in people's daily lives because of their cleanness, convenience and practicality.

But at the same time, there are also many negative reports about disposable paper cups. The most concern is whether there is a cancer-causing hazard; and there are many controversies about disposable paper cups that change color when exposed to wine, so they cannot be used for wine and tea. Emerge in endlessly. How should disposable paper cups be used frequently as daily necessities in people’s lives? How to choose?

Disposable paper cups cannot be used to drink hot water

Many people think that disposable paper cups cannot hold hot water, such as making tea or coffee. If you must use a disposable paper cup to hold hot water, you can't drink the first cup.

The reason is that the high temperature of hot water will make the paraffin or bleach on the inner wall of the paper cup dissolve other harmful substances in the water. These harmful substances will enter the body along with the water, and the accumulation over time will harm people’s health, even Will increase their risk of cancer.

But in fact, the current regular disposable paper cup manufacturers all use wood pulp base paper for single-sided PE coating. The so-called PE coating refers to the process of coating wood pulp paper with polyethylene particles for coating.

Polyethylene is extremely resistant to temperature, and its purity is also extremely high, almost without any chemical additives, including plasticizers, bisphenol A and other substances. The PE coated disposable paper cups that people use now are paper cups that can be used for both cold and hot drinks. They are safe and can be used to drink hot water.

Can disposable paper cups be used for drinking?

Once a friend poured wine into a disposable paper cup and found that the inner wall of the paper cup had changed color. As a result, not only did he dare not drink the wine, but also questioned the quality and safety of the disposable paper cup. Can disposable paper cups be used for wine? Why does the wine poured into the paper cup change color?

In the production process of disposable paper cups, one item is to print the outer wall of the paper cup, which is the various patterns we commonly see on the outer wall of the paper cup. The pattern printing on the outer wall of the paper cup is mostly made of environmentally friendly ethanol ink, so it will fade when it encounters alcohol.

In addition, because of the high alcohol purity of some wines, the ink on the outer wall of the paper cup will be physically dissolved, which will also cause the paper cup containing the wine to change color. Alcohol is volatile and has strong permeability. Therefore, the use of disposable paper cups for wine can easily cause side leakage of the paper cup. The longer the wine is held, the more side leakage will be. It is recommended that you try not to drink alcoholic beverages. Use disposable paper cups as utensils.

In fact, in the national regulations and standards for the production of paper cups, there are also relevant reminders of "no alcoholic beverages", but few people pay attention to it.

Choose carefully and use appropriately

Look: Paper cups are the same as the foods we eat every day, and their packaging should have corresponding signs. When choosing a paper cup, first check whether the information on the packaging is complete. At the same time, look at the color of the whole cup body, try to avoid too white or variegated paper cups.

Smell: The printing ink on the outer wall of disposable paper cups is not allowed to have peculiar smell within the scope of national law. So if you can smell the ink or any other pungent smell on the cup before buying, don't buy it.

Pinch: Put a paper cup of better quality and a paper cup of poor quality in your hands separately. Good quality paper cups are harder and more flexible than poor quality paper cups. Before buying a paper cup, you can gently pinch the test paper cup and try to choose a cup with a thicker texture.


Manager Wang