Disposable paper cups are poisonous to drink hot water? Beware of such inferior paper cups!


1. Can I really drink hot water from disposable paper cups?

1. When hot water is filled in a disposable paper cup, when the water temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the wax coating inside the cup will melt?


The inner wall of the disposable paper cup does have a smooth layer, a small part of the coating is paraffin wax, and most of the coating is polyethylene, which is very safe.

According to national standards, paraffin wax is a safe material that can come into contact with food. The melting point of paraffin is quite high, which can reach more than 200 degrees. Even boiling water cannot melt it.

2. You can’t drink the first glass of water poured from a disposable paper cup. It takes 5 minutes to dissolve out the harmful substances first?


Polyethylene and polypropylene are pure polymers without harmful substances, and there is no harmful substances dissolved.

In the production process of paper cups, it is indeed necessary to go through a high temperature disinfection and sterilization process, and there is no need for consumers to sterilize themselves.

Rinse a cup with water, the most is to remove the dust that may be on the inner wall.

Does that mean that you can drink water from disposable paper cups with complete confidence?

2. Beware of inferior paper cups!

The profit of disposable paper cups is very low, and it is the hardest hit area with three no products. If you use inferior paper cups to fill water, it may...more easily leak water.

If you hold cold water at most, you will get wet, but if it is hot water, it will be very bad for people to get burned.

3. How to identify inferior paper cups?

1. The inner membrane of the cup should not be uneven

If the spraying process of the disposable paper cup is poor, it is easy to leak water.

In an ideal paper cup, the inner coating will be very uniform, and the wax film or plastic film will be smooth. With the help of light, take a proper angle and observe the spraying of the inner membrane of the paper cup, which can be simply judged by the naked eye.

2. It is strictly forbidden to print any patterns within 15 mm from the outside of the cup

The country has detailed regulations on the material, shape, and additives of paper cups, including the printing standards of the cup body pattern.

When drinking water, our lower lip will touch the outside of the cup body, the ink printed on the disposable paper cup body is easy to fall off, and the ink is not safe.

According to the national standard, it is strictly forbidden to print any patterns in the area within 15 mm from the outside of the cup body.

In many cases, we cannot see the QS (product quality and safety) mark, production information, and production date on the paper cup. But if the paper cup comes from a regular manufacturer, at least it must be up to the standard in terms of printing, which can be distinguished at a glance.

3. The paper cup has no nasty smell

Sometimes the cups that I bought look good in quality, but they feel peculiar, and the sour smell is sour. It can basically be concluded that the paper material is moldy.

Although paper cups do not have a shelf life, do not store paper cups bought at home for too long, especially in humid areas in the south.

If you buy a smelly paper cup from a regular channel, you should find a merchant to coordinate the return.


Manager Wang